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Welcome to 1894 Baxter Ranch: Our Story & Mission

Welcome to 1894 Baxter Ranch, owned and operated by Steve and Sally Baxter, and Weston and Savannah McCoury. Nestled alongside the banks of the Colorado River in beautiful Bend, Texas, the ranch is a testament to our family’s passion for sustainable agriculture and respect for the land that’s been in our family for six generations. The heart of Baxter Ranch is, and always has been, a commitment to preserving our heritage while nurturing the land and the animals that call it home.

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Our Story

The Baxter Ranch has a history as rich as the soil on which it stands. Its roots go back to the year 1894, a time when Texas was emerging from the shadow of the wild west and establishing its reputation as a farming and ranching powerhouse. The pioneer spirit was alive and thriving in our ancestors who dared to dream of a ranch that would provide for their families and serve their community. Over the years, the ranch’s landscape has evolved, mirroring the changing times and agricultural innovations. Yet, at its core, it has remained true to our original values – a haven of hard work, love for the land and family, and respect for nature. Today, as the ranch’s sixth-generation custodians, we are honored to carry the legacy forward.

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Our Mission

While we focus on providing high-quality Angus-Wagyu beef, we also farm goats, Dorper sheep, and chickens and harvest hay and a wide variety of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. We are dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the natural resources under our care, working harmoniously with the land to promote biodiversity and environmental stewardship. We aspire to share organic foods and nourishment with our local community and contribute positively to the larger food ecosystem.

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The Animals

Our 50/50 Texas Angus-Wagyu cattle are known for their high-quality, marbled beef. Our cattle are pasture raised for the duration of their life and receive a finishing touch of silage and brewers’ grain just before they are sent for processing, at around 1400-1500 lbs. Our meats are sold regionally at our Fiesta Winery® and Arch Ray® tasting rooms.

Dorpher sheep in pasture


Our Dorper sheep, goats, and chickens are not currently being processed or sold but rather serve as joyful additions to our ranch and lifestyle. The health and well-being of all of our animals is paramount. They are all raised on pasture, not pens, fed a balanced diet, and nurtured with care, ensuring they live happy, stress-free lives.


The Garden

Our commitment to natural, sustainable farming and healthy eating extends to our fruit orchard and vegetable gardens. We grow various fruits and vegetables, employing organic farming practices to ensure they’re bursting with flavor and nutrients and never sprayed with chemical-laden pesticides. Our gardens echo the promise of abundance and diversity, which we are thrilled to share with our community in the very near future.

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Connecting with the Community

The 1894 Baxter Ranch is not just a ranch; it’s a connection point. It’s where we engage with our family and friends, share our love for farming, and promote the importance of organic, locally-sourced food. We thank you for visiting our blog and look forward to providing you with additional information about our family, ranch, legacy, and way of life.

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